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chris hatch


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Chris is proud to be a 6th generation Utahn and a 3rd generation commercial real estate developer. He has a passion for finding sites. “It’s like solving a puzzle.” His career has focused on helping people build their cashflow in commercial real estate and having fun while doing it. Chris has been involved in over 1,000 drive thru deals located throughout the mountain and desert states over the course of his career.


Tanner Curtis

Investor Relations

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Tanner has a background in Property Management and Marketing and is a data enthusiast! Tanner oversees over 40 properties with Forza Commercial and takes care of investor inquiries. He uses his data analyst skill set to review potential deals that are presented to investors to insure accuracy in our offerings.


Porter Anderson

Portal Administrator/Financial Associate

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Porter has been around commercial real estate since a young age and has a background in real estate finance. Porter has a wide variety of skills and joined our team after working as an analyst for one of the largest real estate portfolios in the country. Porter assists in underwriting our potential opportunities and coordinating finances between NNN Income and our sponsor partners.

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